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Dining room ideas for every design style

Planning to spruce up your dining room ahead of the biggest eating season of them all? Good news – whatever your interior design style, we’ve got you covered. From industrial dining rooms to Scandinavian dining rooms, we’ve gathered dining room ideas for every style – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice yours to get your home ready for the holidays.

Industrial dining room ideas

Industrial design is characterised by raw, working materials and maculine hues and angles – and when it comes to industrial dining room ideas, it’s no different. Pick accessories and furniture that favours angles and sharp shapes over organic ones, and dark, metallic finishing touches. These black textured stoneware plates are edgy and cool, bringing drama to your festive dinner. While this aluminum teapot is pared-back and perfect for Boxing Day breakfast. If you want to add colour, stick to hues with metallic undertones, like this pink and rose gold candle holder.

Traditional dining room ideas

Glass and reclaimed wood work well in traditional dining rooms. And another great traditional dining room idea is any accessory that’s embellished and decorated. It creates the lived-in, friendly atmosphere that traditional dining rooms are known for – and will make your guests want to linger longer. These engraved wine glasses and fluted ribbed glasses make great dinner accompaniments. Alongside this textured platinum cutlery set, and elegant green and gold jar.


Modern dining room ideas

While modern dining rooms should be pared-back and minimal, there’s still room for final finishing touches to help set the scene – and your table. Stick to mostly monochrome tones when executing your modern dining room ideas, with a few pops of primary or rich colours on abstract objects to help add extra character. This black and mirrored cutlery set is modern and mood-setting, especially when paired with modern marble dinner plates. Place this quirky grey ostrich salt and pepper pot in the centre of your table to complete the look.

Scandinavian dining room ideas

Scandinavian design is soft and organic, favouring pale pastel hues and raw materials like wood and stone. Lines are curved and welcoming, while furniture and accessories are kept minimal and feminine. To pull off your Scandinavian dining room ideas, pair large pink dinner plates with these pink and copper tealight holders. Then, pare the pink back with more muted hues, like this grey ceramic milk jug.

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