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Condenast Traveller and Maison Flâneur present: The Traveller’s shop

Who has not spent hours drooling over the endless pages of Conde Nast Traveller “Best Hotel in the World” list? Daydreaming of waking up in a Maharaja’s palace? Having lunch in the most romantic trattoria in Positano? Or watching the sunset overlooking the orange dunes of the Namib’ desert? It is safe to say they know a thing or two about travelling. 

As the masters of travel and leisure, we couldn’t be more proud to announce our partnership with Conde Nast Traveller. 


Each month, we will work with the Conde Nast team to curate a seasonal, exclusive selection of homeware items from the world’s most beautiful destinations. In this newsletter find exclusive partnerships with exquisite hotels and restaurants, exciting content, meticulously-sourced furniture, and access to hard to reach suppliers: A place for beautiful inspiration and everything decoration. 

‘At Traveller, we are asked to do many partnerships but 99% of the time the quality or taste level isn’t quite right.  With Maison Flaneur, it was immediately clear that we were absolutely on the same page aesthetically. Here we have many of my favourite hotels from around the world, and now here’s the tangible reality of being able to replicate the look at home.’ Melinda Stevens, Editor-in-Chief, Conde Nast Traveller. 

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To celebrate the launch of the monthly newsletter, Melinda picks her favourite homeware pieces from five small, perfectly formed hotels and restaurants in London, Paris, Stockholm, and California:  discover them here

From l’Hotel Grand Amour, Paris

‘I’m obsessed with knives and the design of these are hearty and rustic but also very evocative. I love them.’ MS

Round-tip knives, set of six, £260

Claude Dozorme’s studio has been hand-crafting knives with razor-sharp precision for more than 100 years. These were designed by Parisian studio M/M for Thierry Costes’ Beaumarly restaurants in the city.

From le Pigalle Hotel, Paris 

‘In the house where I grew up we had a set of chairs not dissimilar to these – super-cool with a little bounce in your bum.’ MS

Thonet leather chair, £985

The Thonet leather cantilever chair marked an architectural and philosophical turning point in the history of modern furniture design. The once ground-breaking functional aesthetic and fine proportions of this chair now inspire a mix of nostalgia and modernist sensibility.

From the Story Hotel, Stockholm

‘Anything blue and white gets my vote because of its Mediterranean vibe. I like the mix of traditional and familiar but topped with something more modern.’ MS

Chinoz table lamp, £2,150

The mission of Spanish lighting brand Parachilna is to preserve the skills of smiths, glassblowers and ceramists. It has partnered with designers all over the world, including Jaime Hayon, who created this alluring Aballs and Chinoz lamp.

From Petersham Nurseries, London 

‘What a jaunty, stocky, lovable creature this is.’ MS

Porcelain teapot, £200

This breakfast collection was designed exclusively for the Petersham Nurseries restaurant by La Goccia, whose interiors follow a modern yet timeless philosophy. The irregular cream glaze of this porcelain teapot feels rustic yet refined.

From Casa Mami, Pioneertown 

‘My house is covered in quilts. I find the graphic design and colours of this one sharp and smart and comforting.’ MS

Throw quilt, £299

The Harriet throw quilt is that final touch for softening a minimal room or lifting an otherwise flat colour palette – as effective when flung over a bare sofa or hung on the wall with Maison Flâneur’s throw-quilt hanger as any work of art.

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