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Coffee table styling tips for every interior decor trend

The best interior designers know that coffee tables aren’t just for coffee. In fact, they’re one of the easiest ways to elevate your living room’s interior decor look. Think Bohemian candles and vases, or modern trinket trays and books. Whatever your preferred interior decor trend, adding accessories to your coffee table is a really easy and affordable way to emphasise your chosen aesthetic, while also creating a curated and professional interior finish. Here’s our coffee table styling tips for every interior decor trend.

Bohemian coffee table ideas

Bohemian decor is about mix-matched, colourful pieces – think contrasting textures and shades. It’s an artfully undone interior decor style, and that means styling your Bohemian coffee table shouldn’t be a Marie Kondo affair. Pick characterful, bold pieces that are unique and artistic. This pink woven basket makes great storage for things like matches and spare change, and next to this beaded Moroccan head ornament it’ll make your coffee table an eye-catching focal point. Add a scented candle too for maximum Bohemian effect.

Modern coffee table ideas

Modern doesn’t always mean minimal. So when it comes to styling a modern coffee table, don’t be afraid to accessorise. Keep pieces monochrome, with one or two primary toned additions, to stay on the right track. This rich blue lapis vase works well against a contemporary, monochrome bowl. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, too. Instead of a candlestick, choose something less traditional, like this unusual green leaf plate.

Traditional coffee table ideas

When styling your traditional coffee table, our top tip is to pick homely, cosy pieces. Don’t be scared to add personal touches, like picture frames in stained wood. Then pare them back with slicker styles, like a classic set of terracotta candlesticks, or a pink terracotta plate for your pens and matchsticks. Plants complement the traditional interior decor style well, so a trio of woven planter baskets are another charming coffee table touch.

Industrial living room ideas

Living rooms are one of the most versatile parts of any home, so creating an industrial living room look is easy – and a great place to start if you’re planning a total industrial home makeover. Take time to get your lighting right: industrial pendants, crafted from metals like copper or brass, are a quick and affordable win, adding atmosphere and an aesthetic lift. A green metal pendant, or other jewel tone, will help energise darker pieces like a marble pedestal. Or for a softer take on industrial, try adding rattan: like this oversized woven pendant.

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