Object of Desire

Object of Desire: Discover the unique story behind the Ceccaldi Knives

Maison Flaneur takes you on a journey to Corsica to meet with France’s most cutting-edge family.

What is Maison Ceccaldi?  

The Ceccaldi family name has been associated with fine hand-crafted cutlery since the establishment of the cutlery company four decades ago.  It is in the southern Corsican village of Zoza, that Jean Pierre and Dany Ceccaldi started their businesses. Jean Pierre learned the art of knife-making from Paul Santoni, an expert cutler, versed in the art of Corsican knife craftsmanship.

What is the Corsican tale? 

Corsica has a long agricultural history and knives were more than mere tools, they became symbols. Boys on their tenth birthday would be given their first knife as an initiation gift into adulthood. Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi began making the traditional Corsican knife, the « curnicciulu » – the famous bone-handle knives. He since expanded his production to a range of knives from traditional knives, like the « vendetta » – traditionally adorned with the Corsican Moore head or a vengeful quote -, to table knives, special pieces, kitchen knives, and pocket knives. Inscribed in its history, the craft and the specific work of Corsican artisans have passed their craft from generations to generations. 

How Ceccaldi gave a modern twist to their historical knives?

Today, the Ceccaldi sons, the fifth generation of knives makers, Sylvestre and Simon, have been maintaining and enhancing their heritage for fine quality, hand-crafted utensils, while adding a contemporary vision. Coutellerie Ceccaldi has been recognized as an « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) » (Living Heritage Company). Awarded by the government, this designation distinguishes French companies with remarkable tradition and industrial excellence.

Maison Flaneur is proud to present an excellent range of Maison Ceccaldi’s finest knives: unique pieces, crafted and finished by hand, making each knife an objets d’art in their own right.  

Access the full collection of knives here.  

The Ceccaldi knives are an essential part of the Frenchie in Covent Garden. Read more on the restaurant here.

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