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Casa Mami, Pioneer town, Los Angeles

Located in Pioneertown, California, outside of Joshua Tree National Park, less than an hour away from Palm Springs, Casa Mami is a perfect location for disconnection. The owners and curators, Whitney Brown and Carlos Naude, of the eco-friendly design retreat, have created the perfect nest for escaping the hustle and bustle from surrounding cities. At Casa Mami recharge, relax and meditate in one of the most peaceful sites of the Golden State.

The minimalist colours, design furniture, and 360 windows, of the pueblo-style home softly, celebrate the unique setting of the desert’s wilderness. In an interview, the couple has described it as an approach to design which: “was to go for something simple, clean, and modern with vintage inspiration. The look is premium but playful, and a slight Mediterranean vibe counterbalances the dry, harsh, desert landscape. Most of the houses you see around us blend in, but we wanted to stand out.” We borrowed Luis Barragán’s use of color, Jacques Grange’s ability to mix styles, and Terence Conran’s incorporation of playful shapes and silhouettes.”

Frustrated like we were about not being able to bring back the objects they had spotted in a hotel or restaurant they loved, they decided to offer everything on display available to purchase. “We wanted to carefully curate our house with some of our favorite designers, brands, and products and have it serve as a showroom where our guests could experience these products firsthand. These days, we mainly shop online, and while we agree that it’s very convenient, there’s nothing like touching and physically experiencing a product.”  Between fellow Flaneur’s, we had to find a way to celebrate their incredible world. 


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