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Bring the Beach Home

Summer is finally upon us, and boy are we glad. We can’t get enough of sunny days, crisp wines and (hopefully) a little time off. Though travel is finally opening again and we’re hoping to get to the seaside ASAP, it may not be in the cards for everyone.

Until we can all stuff our beach bags with juicy bottles of rosé and towels that simply beg for a bit of lounging, we’re going to bring the beach home – without all the sand.

Blue crush: Who needs crashing waves or crystal clear waters when you have a gorgeous carafe with cerulean and sky blue stripes rippling across it?

Be a little shellfish: Sure, a day at the beach is nice, but with these adorable hand-painted lobster plates, you’ll be transported straight to the seaside on the daily. Not into claws? We also love this sweet set of hand-painted fish plates.

Change your stripes: Sweet stripes are just the ticket when you’re craving lunch at your favorite beach bar. These lovely linen placemats have the perfect nautical twist with beige and white stripes and cheeky Nantucket red accents. Spring for the napkins too if you want to go full Cape Cod.

Palm reading: You’ll be dreaming of swaying palm trees every time you look up at this iconic pendant lamp. No sunburn needed.

Hat’s off to you: Ok, ok, so you aren’t going to be roasting in the Mediterranean sun whilst sipping cocktails, but we can bet you’ll still be soaking up some rays on your balcony or in the park. Hang a beautiful hat by the door for impromptu tanning sessions and those just-came-back-from-Ibiza vibes.

It’s a wrap: Just because you won’t be toweling off after an afternoon of surfing doesn’t mean you don’t need cheery towels at the ready. Subtly striped pink and white towels boast top-notch Japanese craftsmanship; your body (beach or not) will thank you.

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