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London, UK
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Penny Morrison

Founder and world-renowned interior designer Penny Morrison is known for her unique ability to create beautiful, harmonious spaces through surprising design combinations. Pairing unexpected pieces, patterns, and palettes, her designs are a visual feast brimming with colours. Throughout her forty-year career, she has established herself as one of the leading names in interior design, both here in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Over the past forty years, Penny Morrison has grown into a family-run business with Penny’s son, Ted Morrison leading business, which today expands across three core branches: interior design, textiles, and home accessories, which she launched in 2018. The eclectic accessories in the ever-growing collection – which include lighting, tableware, glassware, and soft furnishings.

Committed to supporting traditional craftsmanship, the brand works with highly talented artisans around the world including India, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Colombia, who bring her designs to life.

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