Oeuvres Sensibles

Marseille, France
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Oeuvres Sensibles

Sarah Espeute is a french Artist-Designer who appreciates and works on decorative elements as if they were sensitive pieces, Oeuvres Sensibles.

Her tablecloth pieces, embroidered as trompe-l’oeil, recall poetic and convivial scenes of shared meals. Everyday familiar cherished stories and memories emanate from this imagery, inhabiting Sarah’s pieces with a timeless feeling. It is in this spirit of remembrance that Sarah carefully selects old linen and cotton fabrics to design authentic pieces, then modernized by a minimalist embroidery. She subtly magnifies the tablecloth, turning it into a sensitive and delicate piece recalling universal feelings, while maintaining its usual and practical function.

As seen inFlâneur Magazine

Marseille by Sarah Espeute from Œuvres Sensibles Oeuvres Sensibles

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Meet The Maker: Sarah Espeute, Designer, Œuvres Sensibles Oeuvres Sensibles

Sarah Espeute is a French Artist-Designer who uses everyday imagery to tell familiar stories through functional yet aesthetically charming textiles. ...

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