Oeuvres Sensibles

Merseille, France

Sarah Espeute is a french Artist-Designer who appreciates and works on decorative elements as if they were sensitive pieces, Oeuvres Sensibles.

Her tablecloth pieces, embroidered as trompe-l’oeil, recall poetic and convivial scenes of shared meals. Everyday familiar cherished stories and memories emanate from this imagery, inhabiting Sarah’s pieces with a timeless feeling. It is in this spirit of remembrance that Sarah carefully selects old linen and cotton fabrics to design authentic pieces, then modernized by a minimalist embroidery. She subtly magnifies the tablecloth, turning it into a sensitive and delicate piece recalling universal feelings, while maintaining its usual and practical function.

Gayle Warwick

London, UK

Gayle Warwick specializes in handcrafted table linen, either embroidered by hand or block printed by hand.

As a child, the company founder loved her grandmother’s hand-embroidered table cloths and napkins that would make each family celebration so special. The idea of making something beautiful to be handed down through generations was the inspiration for starting her linen brand.

Design, quality and sustainability are the core of her company. Only the finest materials, dyes and textiles are used including 100% yarn-dyed linen woven exclusively for Gayle in a range of custom colours. It is a product made to last.

Orna Candles

Leigh-on-Sea, UK

Orna was started by Meghan in 2020. She has always been print obsessed, having worked in fashion for over 12 years, but recently left her long-standing career as a Senior Buyer.

Her dreams of starting her own company with flexibility and creativity led her to start her business in nail art, however, she was made to stop appointments due to lockdown restrictions.

Meghan turned to hand painting candles with designs that were popular with her clients. She loved the way the hand-painted candles would allow her customers to add a playful element to their tablescapes and mantlepieces.



Malaika was founded in 2004 by Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher who, after growing up in their native Ecuador, found themselves living and settling in Egypt. With a background in design and a keen interest in embroidery, crochet, and hand-drawn thread work, they decided to utilize Egyptian cotton to produce high-quality bed linen previously not available in the local market.

At the heart of its business model, Malaika focuses on teaching hand embroidery to local women giving them a chance to learn a valuable skill and improve their economic standing.



From Tree to Table, Goldfinger is an award-winning social enterprise showing that high-end design can and should be planet and people positive.


3 Rue du Temple

Georges is the story of a curious, unrepentant woman. A designer who loves to mix with all materials, from the most flexible to the most recalcitrant, to create objects of special charm. A persevering soul, coupled with an eternal dissatisfaction, the unstoppable cocktail of those who create innately.

Issy Granger


Issy is a London based designer whose eclectic and joyful style shines through in her creations.
Inspired by her artist mother and grandmother, Issy designs wonderfully unique pieces that can transform a room.

Old Flame Club

E2, London, UK

Old Flame Club creates witty handwritten or badged scented candles.

The Platera


You might have spotted Platera’s beautifully hand-painted plates on Instagram. The famous
Spanish influencer @blancamiro is a fan and so are we.

Studio Erhart

Madrid, Spain

Studio Erhart designs and manufactures beautiful interior objects produced in unique pieces or small series, handmade by fine craftsmen using refined materials based in Madrid.


DVB, 59 Egerton Gardens SW3 2DA

Debonnaire showroom is the ultimate Flaneur’s treasure trove. Shared between the connoisseurs, her address is London’s best kept secret.

Edition 94

London, UK

Edition 94 is a homeware treasure trove located in South Kensington. Thanks to its owner’s impeccable taste, India Whalley, it is filled with everything you need to add lovely touches to your home, from cool accessories to unique retro furniture.

Alice Palmer & Co


Alice Palmer & Co is a bespoke lampshade brand, founded by Alice Palmer. Bored with the lack of diversity for beautiful lampshades, Alice decided to make her own.

Quintessence Paris

Paris, France

Quintessence Paris comes together in a Hotel Particulier; Its collection of candles celebrates the art of French living and finely mixes scents of the highest quality. All essences created and embodied in wax in France celebrate with spirit and distinction the exotic atmosphere of exceptionnal moments.


İstanbul, Turkey

The essence of Anim’s approach is deeply rooted in the nomadic spirit of traditional Turkish culture. While also staying true to its domestic origins, Anim infuses its wares with design elements borrowed from a wide array of cultural influences both near and far. Anim maintains a modern global perspective which nonetheless honors the methods of its roots.

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