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Bottoms up for our Exclusive Partnership with Anissa Kermiche

It’s been months, fourteen to be precise since we first started working in collaboration with the talented Anissa Kermiche on transforming her famous Popotin into a collection of cheeky glassware. Many challenges, trials, brainstorming sessions led to four incredible glasses.  Not going to lie, we are incredibly proud and excited, and a bit nervous too. We hope you will love them.

Enamoured of unique pieces and beautiful interiors, We have always wanted to bring you great design. We believes that every object has not just an origin but an origin story – and one worth telling; they know that great design comes from great designers.


Anissa Kermiche is a woman of dualities – an engineer and a creative, a rebel with a penchant for the classics. Her designs reflect this polarity, balancing the playful with the sensual, the timeless with the trendy. Everything she creates from earrings to vases to objets d’art embody her spirit and her style.

Together we are thrilled to present a collection of delicate, sculpted glasses. This cheeky glassware borrows its form from her classic popotins and comes in a dizzying array of beautiful pastels.


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