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Armchair Travel Part II

While weekend jaunts and long, lazy summers spent by the sea still feel quite far away, our wanderlust has yet to diminish. In fact, we find ourselves dreaming of escape more than ever. We’d love to be scouring markets in Tangier for hidden gems or sniffing out oyster omelettes in Taiwan’s hawker centres. Trust us, we really would. But until then, we’ll continue to scratch that travel itch with a bit of armchair travel.

We spoke to a few of our favourite Flâneurs to find out where they’d like to be firmly planted – right this minute. 

Arizona Muse, Model and Activist 

I’d love to be on the loungers outside of Scorpio in Mykonos, in the summer, wearing shorts – ready to watch the sunset surrounded by friends, listening to music and sipping a cold beer!

Olympia Irving, Co-founder of Irving and Daughters

I’d like to be in Siwa at Adrere Amellal, my absolute favorite place in the world, either at breakfast or by the lake. I always feel such a sense of calm but also adventure there, as you are literally in the middle of nowhere at the edge of a salt lake and the desert.

Billal Taright, Photographer

I want to be anywhere that serves a good martini. My first choice would be Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle in Manhattan. As I watched the Fran Lebowitz docuseries and Woody Allen’s “A Rainy Day in New York”, I got nostalgic about having a couple of martinis there. It would be late afternoon, eating crisps and sipping vodka from a chilled martini glass, waiting until the last drop to eat the green olive at the bottom. I could also easily do with a martini at Sunset Tower, but that’s probably pushing it right now…

Dionas Sotiriou, Maison Flâneur

I feel as if I have been sitting nonstop for a year… so you’d find me anywhere but on a chair. On the top of a car in the middle of nowhere sounds about right.

Anissa Kermiche, Designer

I’ve had a penchant for chairs my entire life. For some reason, they have always been an obsession of mine. I’ll admit I’ve never cared much for how comfortable they are; the main concern for me is how sexy they look. Here I am, 10 years down the line from when I began collecting chairs, with a broken back and spending most of my time in an office chair! So, if I had to sit down on a chair right now, it would certainly be one that doesn’t mistreat my vertebrae! I recently sat on the gorgeous “Ekstrem” lounge chair, designed by Terje Ekstrom, and have been eyeing it online ever since! I’m not sure if they would work within my current space, but I will most certainly be buying a pair as soon as I move! I adore how sculptural they are, and yet they somehow manage to also be kind to your back! 

After being deprived of the most trivial pleasures like going down the street for dinner, I would be sitting in a restaurant in London. Why would I dream of going further? The one I have in mind is a place I fell in love with that opened just before lockdown called Maison François. The whole menu is a dream – though a bit of a nightmare for an indecisive Libra. Everything (yes, I have tried everything except the oysters) is not only incredibly tasty but also sourced from the finest local suppliers. The cuisine reminds me of childhood memories of French cuisine, but with a contemporary twist. It’s a fine line they’ve managed to walk very well. June 21st, I’m ready for you!


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