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A Winter Secondment: Sunny Escapes

This time of year can be a bit gloomy. The winter doldrums hit hard, and our SAD is really and truly making us feel sad. Rather than wallow in the depths of winter, huddled indoors, we’re taking advantage of a not-quite-post-COVID world and packing our bags.

We’re headed on a winter sabbatical.

Because we’ll be working, some wilder, remoter locales are out of the question. A reasonable time difference and strong WiFi are as important as average rainfall (or lack thereof, hopefully) and restaurant offerings. With a little luck and some strategic social media permissions, there’ll be no need for an OOO reply. Your colleagues will be none the wiser.

If you are travelling from Europe:

In only a few hours, you can escape chilly London or icy Antwerp in favor of far sunnier climes. We always love going to Kenya, but we’re especially thrilled when we can go toLamu. Book a one-way ticket and post up here for a few weeks, taking Zoom calls from the beach. If you prefer a little more city, Marrakech is the place to be. Whether we’re at the Jnane Tamsna, Riad Yasmine or a cosy AirBnB, you won’t miss Europe even for a second.

If you are travelling from the East Coast:

Though it’s only 1 hour behind New York, Mexico City is worlds away from the grime and grey skies of the city that never sleeps. Treat yourself to a long weekend at Circulo Mexicano before heading down to Oaxaca for a few weeks of warm weather, irresistible mole and the perfect excuse to skip that team night out.

If you are travelling from the West Coast:

While much of the West Coast is plenty balmy itself (hello, Malibu), we can’t forget about our good friends in the PNW. If you’re drowning in drizzle or simply looking for a change of pace, we can hardly think of a dreamier place to hole up for a month than Hawaii. Forest treehouse, cabin by a volcano or waterside villa, we’re here for it all.

If you are travelling from Asia:


Depending on where you are, you may also be favoured by the weather gods. Even still, we can bet you’re itching for a little refresh, and Australia is the place to be. Melbourne is amazing, but Byron Bay really can’t be beaten. Scrimp with an affordable Air BnB or splurge at Raes on Wategos. Either way, we’re jealous.

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