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A Roundup of THE Most Stylish Cups and Mugs

A great mug would be a worthy addition to your kitchen. In this edit, we have carefully curated a list of Flâneur’s favourite mugs right now. Read on to know the top 10 mugs and cups that can make your beverage-drinking experiences memorable.

1. The Green Bistro Striped Cup

The Green Bistro Striped Cup is the brainchild of Jore Copenhagen and is a proud part of the brand’s Italian handpainted ceramic collection. Jore Copenhagen also has several saucers in this collection. So, if you buy this cup, don’t forget to purchase one of the saucers as well.

2. The Serenity Blue on White Coffee or Tea Cup

The Serenity Blue on White Coffee or Tea Cup is a part of the Themis Z tableware collection. This fine porcelain cup features a hand-painted Serenity pattern. Feel free to mix and match this cup with other saucers from the Themis Z collection.

3. The Tea Mug Geranium

The Tea Mug Geranium is the perfect option for those who like to have more than just a little tea. For such people, conventional cups often come as disappointments. However, the Tea Mug Geranium will surprise and delight them at the same time.

4. The Gold Teacup & Saucer

This Gold Teacup & Saucer is round and dimpled, which makes it ideal for cradling those warm beverages. The teacup features a small curved painted handle, while the saucer has an uneven profile along with a hand-painted banding. This fine bone China cup has been handcrafted in Devon.

5. The Kyklos Tea or Coffee Cup

The Kyklos Tea or Coffee Cup comes to you straight from talented artisans in Greece. It’s a part of the Kyklos tableware collection, which is known for its expression of wholeness and symmetry because of its circular motif. This white, fine porcelain cup looks and feels elegant, and if you want to add a touch of luxury to your dining set, this is the cup to buy.

6. The Maze Blue Tea or Coffee Cup

Life can feel like a maze sometimes. If you like to think about this feeling when you are sipping on your tea or coffee, get the Maze Blue Tea or Coffee Mug. This mug is the part of a tableware collection that has earned accolades for its artistic design. So, our recommendation is to stop not just at the cup, but buy the entire tableware collection that consists of soup, dinner, and dessert plates.

7. The Maze Chocolate Brown Espresso Cup

The Maze Chocolate Brown Espresso Cup is from the same tableware collection as the Maze Blue Mug. This is a fine porcelain cup that also bears the hand-painted Maze pattern. If espressos are a part of your daily life, you would be wise to buy this cup and make it your companion.

8. The Serenity Blue on White Espresso Cup

As soon as you gaze at the Serenity Blue on White Espresso Cup, you are treated to calmness, harmony, and symmetry. It’s a part of the Kyma tableware collection and its intricate design is sure to remind users of Greece. If you like this mug, you are bound to like the other pieces in the Kyma tableware collection as well.

9. The Sierra Cup – Cyrus Green

If you are a fan of quirky cup designs, you are bound to fall in love with this Sierra Cup – Cyrus Green. This clay cup is perfect for your beverage and its unusual lack of handles will let you serve tea or coffee to your guests in the most beautiful and unique way.

10. Cobalt Espresso Mugs

These Cobalt Espresso Mugs are ideal for enjoying authentic coffee experiences. They may be small, but they are perfectly formed to hold the best-brewed espresso. So, if you want to drink from a cup that has been handcrafted by local British artisans, then look no further.

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