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A Clean Sweep: Spring Cleaning

Have you noticed? The birds are starting to sing so sweetly in the mornings. The air smells fresh, almost verdant. We made it! Well, just about anyway. Spring is around the corner, and we are ready for a fresh start. Now that we’re finally ready to come out of hibernation (and hopefully with government approval), we’ve realised that our little lockdown nests have become a bit… chaotic. Our living spaces were forced to do double or triple duty as offices, gyms, and makeshift pubs, and it shows. Things have gotten a bit out of hand. So, we’re ready for some serious spring cleaning. Because once we’ve Marie Kondo-ed our homes and cleared out Ikea furniture of apartments past, we’ll have more room for beautiful new things, things we’ll keep forever.

1. Skeletons in the closet. Ok, ok so they’re probably not stuffed with anything all that bad, but most of us are likely harbouring a few fashion skeletons in our closets. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last eight months. You’re not likely to wear it again anytime soon, so it’s just taking up space. Donate anything that’s in good condition or consider selling higher end pieces. You can put your profits toward beautiful investment pieces.

2. If it ain’t broke… But if it is, toss it. If you’ve been holding on to any cheap old dishware from your university days with plans to fix its chips and cracks, let it go. Unless you’re a Kintsugi master, the results are likely to be underwhelming. Throw out broken dishes and mugs; donate anything that doesn’t suit your current aesthetic. Make room for new, timeless pieces.

3. Paper pusher. If you’re like us, you’ve probably been holding on to stacks of old paperwork, documents and cards. While we definitely encourage keeping anything sentimental – love letters, wedding invites, birthday cards – there’s no need to keep anything you can’t get digitally. Scan anything not already available online and then shred away.

4. The Plastics. Gone are the days when we’d pack tons of friends into tiny kitchens and serve up ‘spag bol’ on plastic plates. Donate any unused disposable plates, cutlery and cups to clear the way for something a little more grownup. Plus, it’s a lot more sustainable to have a set of lovely tableware you use over and over than to plough through the plastic stuff with reckless abandon. 

5. Sample sale. Every fantastic hotel we go to always has the best products in the bathroom. Hôtel Costes has that amazing body lotion. The Chedi stocks Acqua di Parma. Let’s just say, we find it hard to resist toting a bottle or two back with us. It’s always well intentioned, but most of those samples (or those we get when we buy our favourite beauty products) usually sit in our cupboards for years. Totally untouched. So, just bite the bullet and get rid of them. You’ll feel like a Zen master once you have.

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