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5 ways to make your home office more comfortable while you work from home

Working from home can be hard – especially if you’re used to heading to a workplace every day. Maybe you’re worried you won’t be as comfortable as you are at work? Or curious about how to stay productive in your home office without getting cabin fever? Don’t worry, we’ve got some top tips for styling a home office that works for you – whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or at home during the Coronavirus outbreak. Make your space a place you want to spend time with these 5 ways to make your home office more comfortable.

1. Add cushions and throws to your home office

A comfortable home office needs comfortable accessories. So to embrace your time working from home – away from grey chairs and MDF desks – create a cosy, colourful workspace using textiles, like cushions, pillows and throws. This blue floor cushion is inviting, especially when you need a change of perspective, while this handwoven green cotton throw is soft and warm – and looks great over the back of an office chair.

2. Choose a comfy chair for your home office

Celebrate your escape from uninspiring metal chairs on wheels by investing in a new office chair. Design-led pieces last longer, look better, and are much more comfortable, too. This cantilever steel and leather chair has a mid-century, Mad Men appeal. While this luxe padded grey lounge chair is perfect for phone calls and conference calls.

3. Create a bright home office

While we wait for the clocks to change, a long day in your home office might mean less light in the evenings. But swap the fluorescent strip lights you’re used to for something that looks and feels more inviting. This gold, modern floor lamp is striking, with lots of bulbs to brighten your space. A table lamp – like this industrial cage table lamp – works well in the late afternoons. And a cool mirror, like this rattan eye mirror, will help bounce any natural light around your home office.

4. Make your home office inspiring

Without colleagues to keep you company, you’ll need to make sure your home office is an inspiring, creative space – that way you’ll feel more comfortable spending time alone there. We recommend keeping your distracting desk clutter tidy in a woven Moroccan basket, and using a vintage-style room screen to partition your space if your home office is in another room. Make sure to add plenty of art too, like this colourful abstract nude print.

5. Create a welcoming home office

The beauty of working from home is that you can forget usual HR rules – like no candles in the office. Adding ambience to your home office will make it instantly more cosy and comfortable, and help to keep you focused throughout the day. This Graanmarkt 13 scented candle has a grown-up, sophisticated scent – perfect for work time – while this abstract, colourful stone candle holder is a playful alternative.

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