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5 Small kitchen ideas: how to transform a tiny space

When it comes to transforming tiny spaces, it can be hard to come up with small kitchen ideas – unless you’re remodeling or changing your cabinets and layout, it often feels like you don’t have many options. But, with a few small additions and swaps, it’s easy enough to make your small kitchen a liveable, workable space that looks good too, trust us. Here are our favourite small kitchen ideas.

1. Put it on display

Kitchens need personality just as much as any other room in your home, and that’s even truer for small kitchens – they have to feel inviting, as you’re likely to spend a couple of hours in them every day. When it comes to small kitchen ideas, displaying your dinnerware is a win-win. Not only does it add style, but it also saves cupboard space, which can be used for more functional pieces like Tupperware and smaller electrical appliances. Invest in dinnerware that’s easy on the eye, like this zebra terracotta bowl or hand-painted terracotta salad bowl, and stack them on a display shelf that’s easy to reach. If you’ve got a coffee machine, a shelf above with unusual malachite espresso cups, or murrine glasses, will make your morning coffee routine even easier.

2. Hang it up

Another space-saving option for those in need of small kitchen ideas is to hang things you’d usually keep in cupboards or on your counter. A well-chosen hanger or shelf adds interest to plain walls while also maximising your storage options, and a design-led piece is especially interior enhancing. A handmade Moroccan copper hanger’s a great idea for copper kitchen utensils – just add loops of twine to utensils with a hole at the end of the handle. For a bolder look, choose a single wall hook that really makes a statement, like this grey ostrich head hook. Use it for your most-reached-for pan, or for tea towels.

3. Be smart with storage

Smart storage solutions are the easiest way to transform a small room, and a worthy small kitchen idea for anyone struggling for space. Keep kitchen loose ends out of your bottom drawer and put them in a trinket box on your windowsill instead – this tiled Moroccan cabinet will add colour to your room, and free up drawer space for your more frequently used items. If you have the counter space, a colourful woven bread basket is another good option, especially for those who usually fill a valuable cupboard shelf with their carbs. For even smaller kitchens, pick counter storage containers that are stackable, to conserve space.

4. Don’t be afraid of colour

To make your kitchen look bigger and create an illusion of space, it’s best to stick to white or light wood cabinets with a neutral or light-toned wall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour and pattern. Pick bold, bright kitchen accessories to make it an appealing space, without altering your perception of its dimensions, and where possible use glass-fronted kitchen cabinets for extra depth illusion. Stacked red oriental bowls or fish plates look great in a wire rack on your counter, or in glass-fronted cupboards. As do even more luxe options, like these highly hued green and gold malachite dessert plates – small kitchen ideas don’t have to be boring.

5. Accentuate your angles

Rugs are an easy way to elongate your space, whether that’s lengthways or widthways. Pick your longest length, and lay a handmade monochrome rug in the same direction. That way, guests’ eyes will be drawn along its line, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Rugs are an affordable way to add colour too, and because it’s low down, it won’t risk making your space feel smaller even a bold red Moroccan rug like this one can be an effective small kitchen idea in a more pared-back space.

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