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4 lighting ideas for your dining room?

There’s a reason the best restaurants stay away from neon striplights and tassled, fabric lampshades – great lighting makes a great dining experience. So learn from the professionals, and make lighting your dining room priority (after a dining table and chairs, of course). When it comes to dining room lighting ideas, there’s a lot of options to choose from. And while a candlelit dinner can be a romantic experience, playing with more practical lighting pieces in your dining room will add to the ambiance. Here are 4 lighting ideas for your dining room.

Dining room pendant lights

The first place to start when weighing up your dining room lighting options is choosing your main pendant light. Pendant shades are a classic look, and as most dining rooms are already wired for this setup, it’s the easiest dining room lighting solution. There’s lots of styles to choose from, depending on your interior decor taste. A clear glass pendant looks sleek in contemporary dining rooms, while a natural rattan shade works well in Scandinavian spaces. For a super modern look, try a metal pendant, like this gold dome pendant shade.

Dining room wall lights

Wall lights are a great option when it comes to dining room lighting ideas – especially in smaller spaces. They don’t take up any room on your floor, leaving more space for your table and chairs. And they also add an ambient effect when your main dining room light is switched off. For traditional spaces, choose a swan neck wall light in your choice of colour and finish. Or for more contemporary decor looks, go for a brighter piece, like this gold and white wall light. Flush wall lights (which sit flat to your wall) are a more discrete choice, perfect if your desired finish is a little more subtle.

Dining room floor lamps

If you’re looking for a dining room lighting idea with a little more impact, a floor lamp is a good option – it’ll catch your eye more than a wall light, which means it can effectively enhance the interior decor style you’re trying to create, while also brightening your space. This classic black and metal tall floor lamp has a relatively compact footprint, meaning it won’t take up as much space as larger designs. While an always on-trend arco style floor lamp is a dramatic dining room lighting addition.

Dining room table lamps

Table lamps might seem like an unusual choice for a dining room, but don’t worry, we’re not proposing you place them on your dining table. Alternatively, add a table lamp to the other furnishings in your room, like side boards or side tables; it’ll naturally draw the eye outwards to your other pieces, and make the room feel larger. This small red and gold table lamp is cool and contemporary. Or for a more pared back look, a black and brass industrial table lamp, or hand blown glass table lamp, are solid choices.

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