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4 ideas for creating a modern bedroom

Creating a modern bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank. While an open-plan layout, walls of glass and concrete floors will certainly give you your desired effect, most people don’t have the time or money to completely renovate their room. Our tastes change too the more we live with a space – meaning that the easiest, most affordable way to create a modern bedroom decor style is to choose accessories and colours wisely. That way, you can switch it up when you need to. Modern design is characterised by clean lines, neutral colours and simple styling – a stripped-back look is key. And here’s how to get that modern bedroom look, in 4 simple steps.

Choose natural materials

Going au naturel is the quickest way to achieving a modern bedroom. Natural materials like wood, concrete and bamboo are all great features of modern design, as they help keep your space looking stripped back. A monochrome natural wool rug is a good place to start. Then, consider switching out fabric lampshades for something more natural, like a rattan pendant light shade or grey rattan pendant shade. Finally, add a couple of natural home accessories, like a set of alabaster vases, to complete the natural, modern look.

Tone it down

Because the modern bedroom look relies on natural materials, it makes sense that a modern colour palette should be natural and neutral too – think earthy, monochrome tones, like brown, sage and taupe. Swap out bold, rich colours for a colour palette that’s more pared-back – starting with home accessories is an affordable approach. Drape a grey and cream tassel blanket over your bed, and add a brown Moroccan cotton cushion to your accent chair. Be careful not to go overboard – you’ll see why in tip 3. And if you’re keen on more colour, pick something like a pale green – the brighter side of earthy. This sage handwoven rug adds a statement pop of subtle colour.

Keep it simple

When creating a modern bedroom, remember: less is more. Modern architecture is dramatically stripped-back and clutter-free, so mirror this aesthetic when choosing your modern furniture and home accessories. Keep things like jewellery and hair accessories neat and tidy with a green ceramic pot, or pink terracotta plate. And if you need something more functional like a radio or alarm clock, keep its look pared-back – this minimal black speaker is modern and cool.

Add modern accessories

A great way to finish off your modern bedroom look is to choose modern art or modern accessories – but don’t go overboard. Remember, the simpler your look, the better. A modern brown and white vase is functional and in-keeping with your style. Or if you want to add a playful touch, choose abstract accessories – like an ostrich wall hook or studded earthenware bowl – to give that modern, daring edge to your interior.

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