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4 ideas for a modern living room

Modern design means different things to different people, but luckily, there’s a few golden design rules to follow when it comes to creating the modern interior decor look. In the living room, that means monochrome tones with pops of primary colour, pared-back furniture without the bells and whistles, and slick, clean lines. In the living room in particular, it’s important to consider cosiness when crafting a modern space – that way your room will have function, as well as form. But if you’re not sure where to start, here’s our top 5 ideas for a modern living room.

Modern living room lighting ideas

The modern interior decor look is light and bright, making your lighting options a key part of your design. For modern lighting, stay away from softer fabric shades and opt for materials like brass, glass and metal. Whether you choose a playful pineapple table lamp or a more dramatic five arm matte black chandelier, make sure your pick matches your room’s size and existing furnishings. When it comes to colour, stick to primary tones to make sure your modern living room doesn’t lack lustre, like this orange factory-style ceiling pendant.

Modern living room textiles ideas

The key to choosing the right textiles for your modern living room lies in their colour. Black and white work best, like this classic woven Moroccan rug, and black and white cotton pom pom throw – the tassels will add character to your otherwise refined space. But if you prefer something brighter, a bold pop of red or blue, like this white and red infinity cushion, will give your modern living room the lift it needs.

Modern living room furniture ideas

Clean lines and bold silhouettes should be your staples when adding furniture to your modern living room. Start with a statement sofa, like this black knoll leather sofa or standout black leather armchair. Once your bigger pieces are in place, surround them with similarly contemporary pieces like this marble pedestal table for the ultimate modern living room look.

Modern living room accessories ideas

No modern living room would be complete without modern accessories. And ultimately, the choice is yours – decide what spaces you’d like to fill, whether it’s walls or surfaces, then select pieces that suit the rest of your room. A piece of modern art, like this monochrome graphic print, is a solid choice – when choosing art go for more abstract designs for a truly modern living room finish. But don’t forget functional pieces too, like a useful sleek black and silver Tivoli radio, or an alabaster urn vase for your blooms.

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